The Sci-Sapiens inhabit the Desert Province of Tempus and are mostly congested in the main City of Arkk. Focusing their culture around technology and advancement, they are arrogant and pushy and at times very stubborn and one sided. Having a natural affinity for close combat, Sci-Sapiens make for excellent Brawlers. They also love Duckets making them successful Vendors.


This class of humans culture is more old fashioned, they despise technology and the harm it brings. They are of peace and harmony and worship the life elemental Aniima on their island province, Solace. They usually purposely seclude themselves from the mainland to try and stay out of the wars of the other provinces of NOVUM. Soul-Sapiens make great Elemage Healers or Precise Slingers.


A proud race of dark scaled minotaur. They are separated into clans known as KALKAI which are led by leaders with the title KA’. All commoners are referred to with titles as EN’ (meaning Warrior) or EK’ (meaning tradesman) at the beginning of there name (Some other titles exist). Their culture is based around fire, though they do also enjoy eating (cooked meat most of all). They are a brute people with rude attitudes and make for strong Brawlers.


The sky people of NOVUM. This reptilian humanoid type race have a thin greyish skin and hallowed bones (which are visible outside of some areas of their bodies), making them very light weight and quite swift and agile. They base their culture around the sky. Making flying contraptions and building large towers which bring them even higher than the clouds.
Their quickness makes them excellent Tricksters or Slingers. Their technological advances have also made them very successful Vendors.





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